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Premarital Coaching

What to Expect

Premarital coaching helps individuals prepare for marriage in the near or distant future. During premarital coaching, you will learn how compatible you might be with someone - you will identify and come face-to-face with red flags that you might have been ignoring or hoping to avoid. Your coach will help you formulate a goal and or vision for your union. Premarital coaching is recommended for anyone with plans to ever get married, whether or not you are engaged. Give your marriage a fighting chance before you enter the ring. Let us know how we can help!

Our 4-Step Process


Set Goals
  • Clarify and define goals

Identify Obstacles
  • Pitfalls that often sabotage success
  • Establish ways to navigate those obstacles

Create an Action Plan
  • Map out the journey
  • Determine the path most suitable for you

Execute the Plan
  • Identify the wins
  • See tangible results

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